Konrad Spooner

A mean cook with an ox's stomach


Cook, 48 years old
Grumpy and not that social, but can cook like no tomorrow!

Race: Human, Male
Agility d6 || Pace 5
Smarts d8 || Fear +2
Spirit d8 || Parry 5
Strength d6 || Toughness 6
Vigor d6

Skills: Boating d4, Fighting d6, Throwing d4, Investigation d4, Knowledge (Cooking) d8, Healing d4, Repair d4, Streetwise d4, Survival d6, Persuasion d8
Edges: Hard to Kill, Brave
Hindrances: Obese(minor), Big Mouth(minor), Enemy(major)(food supplier corporation)
One Unique Thing: Went to the Mountain that doesn’t exist.
Gear: Leather apron(Armor), Meat Cleaver(Axe), 3x Knife, Spice rack, Fishing gear, Grappling Hook, Rope 50’, Fishing Bait, 30s



After the Stolen Sun event, Konrad embraced the new world. He enlisted to help frontier fishing town to get back on its feet, and spent most of youth in the boat. Got promoted to a night watchman but he drank a lot and fell a sleep during a watch. Ship ran into shore and shipwrecked. Late when they were saved, he was excommunicated from his town he had learned to call home for almost half of his life.

Joined the Navy, spent couple years as a saboteur, but was injured and scarred for life. Scars have since began to heal, even though the event is still fresh in his mind.

Decided to try the normal life, learned to cook, bought small grill kiosk and cooked fast food. Things took bad turn when he found out that large food supplier ( Queen’s Lunch Co. ) was selling questionable meat as a normal meat, and instead of informing to authorities he decided to blackmail the food supplier in order to get cheap meat for his grill kiosk. Not long after this, his grill kiosk was faced with financial troubles and went under. Couple nights after this the food supplier’s goons chased Konrad’s out from the town and has been haunting him ever since.

Spent the last part of his life wandering and traveling around the edges of the human society building up courage to face his literal demons. Then he met his new Captain who offered him a job on his boat.

Konrad Spooner

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