Lady Ashmore

Young noblewoman filled with secrets


Always accompanied by her faithful bodyguard, Mungo the Scotsman, lady Ashmore paid for passage to the Nameless Isle. She holds many secrets, but at least she seems to be a good person, what with her positive relationship with the poor on the outskirts of London. For some reason the Old Goat has an interest in her – and perhaps unfortunately, so does Posar, the ship’s Bastion ‘Observer’. Considering her severe infernusphobia (as Devil phobia has been named by the British medical community), this is most unfortunate.


Obviously running from something, and there is some link between her and a certain group of poor people on the outskirts of London, but little else is known at this time.

Cried blood upon seeing the sorry state of Mungo after the escape from the Void Storm.

Lady Ashmore

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