Nikolai Koltsov

A Russian academic in the right place at the wrong time


“Is vodka. Good disinfectant, also good for drinking. Very multipurpose!”

Seems to be around 40 or 45, give or take a few years. Tall and thin, he lacks the build that people who do manual labor have, so it’s obvious he isn’t a sailor. Has sandy brown hair, a matching beard and blue eyes. Usually seen dressed in a worn winter coat and fur trimmed hat that seem to do the job against the cold and wind. The wet though, not so much.

One Unique Thing: The One Man Forgotten by Time
Hasn’t aged since the Stolen Dawn took place.

Position on the Ship: Ship’s Surgeon

Scholar (Knowledge: Medicine and Science)
Connections (Academics)

Major: Curious
Minor: Pacifist
Minor: Phobia (heights)


A Russian academic and surgeon from the university of Saint Petersburg, Nikolai Koltsov had the bad luck to be visiting his colleagues in London when the Stolen Sun incident took place. Following the news that confirmed the disappearance of Ireland, Nikolai and a handful of others received an emergency summons from the Russian embassy in London, where the ambassador mostly just confirmed what they already suspected: Russia had disappeared as well, and it was likely never coming back.

With no way to return home, Koltsov remained as a new teacher and faculty member at the university in London. He also set up a small private practice after a while, though business was slow, since the locals were suspicious of anyone that wasn’t a Brit.

However, the strange fish and other animals brought back by the sailors that dared to venture out and explore the new oceans surrounding Britain greatly fascinated Koltsov, and over the years he mostly abandoned human anatomy and physiology, and instead focused on researching the strange things the new world had to offer. Over time, the venture has blossomed, and now Koltsov is only one of many scientists working in a new department dedicated to researching the marine life and ecology of the strange world Britain has found itself in.

Though he still hopes to be able to see his family and country again one day, the biological oddities in the oceans and lands surrounding the Stolen Empire have managed to keep Koltsov sufficiently distracted all these years. Yet even that might not be enough anymore. No longer content with continuing his work at the university, Koltsov hears the call of the Sea, like many others have before him. To see it all with his own eyes, and perhaps, to make his greatest discovery yet.

Nikolai Koltsov

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