Old Jack O'Scratch

Gentleman from the Pit


One unique thing: The First Rebel
Responsible for the Devil Rebellion.


Creature of Fire: Immune to all negative environmental effects with fire, but takes a -4 to all tests to resist the negative effects of cold.
Infernal Nature: Devils start with d6 in Spirit, and Intimidation.
Hard to kill
First Strike

Slaves Never Again:
Major Hindrance Vengeance (Former Lords and Ladies of Bastion)
Racial Enemy (Aristocratic Devils): -4 to Charisma when interacting with Aristocratic Devils.
Major: Code of Honour
Minor: Phobia Christian Symbols
Minor: Quirk Speaks like a Villain

Main skills

Minor skills
Knowledge: Occult


The First Mate
“I was the first for a lot of things.”

Honour of Hell
1. Never tell a lie, except by omission.
2. Never forget a debt, until fulfilled.
3. Never give anything for free.
4. Never deny mercy, if requested by a sinner.
5. Never refuse an honest plea.

Who am I? Nobody and the most important person you’ll never meet. I have many names, but who doesn’t?
Old Nick, the Horned Man, Prince, Billy, Fox-tail, Morningstar, Lucius, Kakao, Jimmy. But I’d like you to call me Jack O’scratch. Or just Old Jack among us friends.
Am I the Devil? I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. There are a lot of devils and I can assure you your lot has far the worst ones.

But what really matters is that it was destiny that brought you here and destiny that placed us on this ship. You should not inquire or you might get more than you bargained for.
Haha, pay no heed. Just one of our jokes. If you’d ever been to Bastion, you’d understand.

Bastion? It’s not important. The place’s so dull, I’ll sink by merely thinking about it. You on the other hand are interesting. And this beautiful city of yours, no?
Please, do not ask about the Rebellion. T’was a dreadfully chaotic hassle, but a necessary one. Rather a sore spot for us, you understand. I mean, you must have your own skeletons-in-the-closet.
“Oh, what a delightful thing you are.” I know we’re going to have interesting times together.

Old Jack O'Scratch

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