The Siren

A powerful sorceress of the Seas... or a demigoddess. Either or.


Runs a small safe haven for those stuck in the Realm of the Great Serpent, bargaining with the souls and lives of men with those who succesfully navigate through the Maelstrom. Despite the inherent monstrosity of her operation, she is surprisingly reasonable by the standards of the Sea – after all, without her deals with the lost sailors souls, all who would be stuck in that godserpent’s realm would have no respite from their pitiful existence.

Old Jack O’Scratch struck a deal with her, and HMS Lightbringer has now been tasked with ferrying a certain item to a certain Russian witch, receiving two strong men in return and a promise of further rewards after the item has been delivered. Jack also gave her information regarding HMS Mordgard’s final fate, trading it for one of the more Unfortunate survivors.


The Siren

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