The Sea of Shadows

The Sea is Calling
From beyond the darkest horizon

Somewhere in London, a butler leaves the noble’s home and sneaks off to a departing ship. When found, she is given a job

A scottish mother of three from Glasgow has made the journey to London by foot, just to get on a ship set for England’s ill-conceived attempt at colonizing some far off island. She is welcomed, with no questions asked.

A Welsh monk suddenly abandoned his parish and stole a boat, trying desperately to reach a departing steam boat. He is picked up, and allowed on board.

A Devil from the Last Bastion comes to London, for the sole reason of joining up into the Imperial Navy despite how he despises monarchy and monarchists, and even with his horns and red skin, he is accepted amongst the crew. They all know why he has come

A Baroness suddenly leaves in the middle of a ball held in her honor, sells significant amounts of her fortune, buys a boat and hires a crew, and sets sail towards the horizon.

They were all afflicted by the same thing, ‘The Call of the Sea’. Ever since the Isles were Stolen, people have begun to feel a strange wish to explore the seas, to set sail to the unknown. The urge is strong, and while not everyone feels it, and its call can eventually stop, it is common. This is what all those who brave the seas has in common, this need to sail towards the dark lights on the horizon, to do battle with bizarre and terrifying beasts of the sea, to visit strange islands and their inhabitants, all for an unexplained urge to sail. While the Empire denies its existence, each and every sailor knows, and accepts anyone on board who utters one, simple phrase:

“I felt the Call”


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