A Gallery of the Sea

Oh, the Engineer of Chains? He claims he knows how to build the ‘Engine to End All Engines’, but when asked about why he hasn’t built it yet, he claims he needs some completely outrageous components and materials, such as a ’God’s Blood’, ’Ocean’s Heart’ and other such nonsense. You ask me, he is just mad. Then again, you would be mad not to be mad here.

The Dragon’s Wreck does not exist boy. There is no archiphelago of wrecked ships, in which the ousted aristocrats of Hell hold court, plotting their revenge on their subjects in the Pits. Hell, if there was such a thing, I would have sailed there already – the Devils pay well for those who take part in their schemes.

I swear I saw it! With me own two eyes! A shark that walked on two legs! A shark that was a bloody pirate! The bloody bastard attacked our ship, robbed us, and sailed away, and throughout it all the bloody thing kept rhyming bad poetry! I’m telling you, the Sharkmen are real! And one of them is a bad poet and a pretty good pirate captain! NO I WILL NOT STOP YELLING!!

You ever seen a Void Storm? Storms of pure darkness and nothingness, of oblivion. Terrifying things. Scholars claim they are caused by another universe colliding with ours, tremors of something bigger than us. Bollocks. They are not some ‘orribly natural phenomenon we don’t understand. Do you know why I know that? ‘Cos the buggers CHASE SHIPS. They are sentient, and they bloody hate us. If ya ever see one, tell your cap’n to steer away, and heat the bloody engine to near combusting to get away from one.

Or throw a few sailors overboard as a sacrifice, that tends to distract them long enough you get away. Not that I would’ve ever done that.

What are you looking at, cur?

You know what powers the lights in our fair city? Something our ingenious inventors call a ‘Kraken-Core’. Wonder what they mean with that?


Have you heard of the fabled clockwork smith of Indhee? They say she performs miracles with metal, second only to that cursed Hawke! That said, they also talk about her strangeness, about how she seems less than human… just who is she?

A Gallery of the Sea

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