Edges and Hindrances


HUMAN EDGES (Weird Edges!)

Reject the Sea

(NOTE: Taking this automatically prevents you from ever taking Embrace the Sea-edge)

Requirements: Human, Veteran, no Weird edges or Lucky Edge, no supernatural Hindrances, curses, no Powers of any sort besides Weird Science, Spirit d8

While many preach about adaptation, about adopting to the change in circumstances, you reject this. You will shape the world to your image, instead of letting it shape you. Damn the Sea, damn the Natives, damn the Devils, damn them all. He gains the benefits of the Arcane Resistance Edge, and the Officer gains access to the Dispel power twice a day as a natural ability – his sheer willpower allows him to counter supernatural powers and phenomena. If the Officer also has Arcane Resistance edge, the bonuses are doubled. Supernatural forces cannot cause permanent physical changes on an Officer with this Edge (with the sole exception being Void – nothing can prevent the influence of the Void, as Void is nothing).


Embrace the Sea

(NOTE: Taking this automatically prevents you from ever taking Reject the Sea-edge)

Requirements : Human, Veteran, at least one Weird edge, Power, supernatural hindrance, skill or something similar linking you to the Sea, Spirit d8

Many in both the Stolen Empire and Iron Kingdom curse the Sea, but not all. Some decide for one reason or another, that the route to surviving this strange Sea of Shadows is to embrace it. The Northmen are one of the clearest examples of this, they have accepted the Sea, and the Sea has accepted them. Any human taking this Edge immediately gains Knowledge (Sea) at d4 if they do not have it yet, and gets to pick one of the following benefits:

Friend of the Sea – this benefit immediately gives two Native languages to the Officer, and +2 to Persuasion rolls when talking to a Native in their own language.

Truths of the Sea – this benefit gives the Officer knowledge of hidden truths of the Sea. Once per session, the Officer may ask the GM one question related to something native to the Sea, and the GM will give a factual answer. (Example questions: What are the gods this Native tribe worships? What is the White Eye? What are the major threats of this area?)

Blessing of the Sea – The officer in question has begun to adapt to Sea in more ways than one. The character gains Semi-Aquatic. If the Edge is taken three times, this is upgraded to Aquatic.

Creature of the Sea – Gain a Native-only Edge whose other requirements you can fulfill. NOTE: If you take one of the Native Background Edges, that's basically a mutation caused by prolonged exposure to the Sea. Taking one of the legless Native Edges means your lower half turns fishy and you gain +1 Toughness from the Size increase (the legless Native Edges are probably the most powerful Edges, balanced around Legless Natives having severe penalties. So if you want them, you will have to endure the penalties as well.)

This Edge can be taken several times, taking a different benefit each time. Taking it three times means an Officer is considered a Native, not a Human, for the purposes of prerequisites, Edges and so on – each time the Edge is taken, an Officer becomes a little less human, and a little more like one of the native inhabitants of the Sea.


DEVIL EDGES (Weird Edges!)


Sea Devil (Veteran) Requirements: Devil (Revolutionary or Aristocratic), has spent significant time at the Sea

Sometimes, a Devil spends enough time at Sea that he begins to feel more at home at Sea, than at Final Bastion. Such individuals are referred to as ”Devils of the Sea”, or Sea Devils. In a human such a change in mentality would not mean much, but in Devils changes in mentality can also cause physical changes. Choosing this Edge gives the Devil Semi-Aquatic trait (pg. 22 Savage Worlds core book) and +1 to Charisma when dealing with creatures native to the Sea of Shadows (Natives, sea monsters, some of the gods, etc.)

The Wings of a Devil (Veteran)

Requirements: Devil, Vigor d6, Strength d6

The image of a winged Devil is common, albeit wings amongst Devils are rarely seen. This is mostly because Devils have to spend considerable effort if they want to manifest wings that are actually usable and not just decoration. A Devil with this Edge may manifest wings of a form of their choosing by using an action and succeeding at either a Vigor or a Strength roll (player's choice). Upon a succesful test, the wings are manifested for a time equal to half the die that was rolled (d6 is 3, d8 4 etc.), after which the test must be retaken or the wings vanish again. The manifested wings give a flight speed equal to the Devil's Pace +2 and a Climb of 2, on a raise the flightspeed is Pace + half of rolled stat and a climb of 3.


The Tongue of Beasts (Veteran)

Requirements: Native, d8 Smarts

You have learnt how to communicate with the various sea monsters – although some are not that interested in talking with tiny things like you. You may also use the Tongue of the Beasts to frighten non-Natives such as humans with successful Intimidation rolls, gaining a +2 bonus to Intimidate when attempting to scare someone. If the Officer also has the Blood of Leviathans, they gain +2 to Persuasion when talking with sea monsters.


Look out Sir! (Veteran, Leadership Edge)

Requirements: has not done anything obviously terrible to regular crewmembers, Persuasion d6

Some rare few Officers are so charismatic, so beloved by the sailors in their ships, that the men and women that serve under such individuals are ready to die to protect their Officer. While aboard the ship or on land with a sizable escort (5+ sailors), the Officer may use a Benny to have a nearby sailor jump in front of attacks that hit or other forms of danger. This usually kills the sailor in question, unless the GM decides otherwise. Specialist crewmembers will never jump in front of danger when using this Edge. They tend to have this pesky ”independence” about them.


Darkness Overcome? (Veteran, Weird Edge)

Requirements: Spirit d8, Voidtouched (Major), Knowledge (Void) d6

When Voidtouched (Major) would cause the Officer's annihilation/turning into a Void Beast, this Edge will provide an alternative fate – the path of the Voidwalker. When the character would die or be lost to the Void, they will instead turn into a Voidwalker, gaining access to the racial abilities and hindrances of a Voidwalker while losing their humanity, infernality or whateverality – but at least the Officer keeps their mind. Mostly. __________________________________________________________________________________________


All Edges from the core Savage Worlds rulebook except for the following are allowed:

BANNED!: – some of these might be allowed later, in modified form. Except for the Super Powers one.

Super Powers Arcane Background Edge Champion Professional Edge Holy/Unholy Warrior Professional Edge Young Major Hindrance

Additionally, Revolutionary Devils cannot take the Noble Edge. They may still take Rich and Filthy Rich as normal though.

Edges from Setting Books: 50 Fathoms and its supplement books – except unsuitable Edges/Edges related to 50 Fathoms mechanics

Horror companion – except for One of the Chosen, and it should be noted that Edges related to Sanity-mechanics may not work with the Sanity mechanics we go with.

Maybe-a-Victorian-Setting-book ____________________________________________________

Modified/Custom/Racial Edges

Social Edges

Monologue (Novice)

Prerequisites: Devil or Aristocratic Devil, Taunt d8 OR Intimidate d8

By using an Action during Combat, Dramatic Challenge or similar dangerous situation to Monologue, a Devil may recover one used up Benny or get +2 to a later test related to the Monologue during the encounter.


Professional Edges:

Aegis against Void

Requirements: Seasoned, has faced Void cultists or some of its other servants, Spirit d8+

As "One of the Chosen" from Horror Companion, but replace "supernatural evil" with "Void's servants".




True Hunter (Seasoned)

Prerequisites: Native, Fighting d8, Survival d8

A Native Officer with this Edge is frighteningly good at hunting at Seas, having adapted to the Seas as an almost perfect predator. Whether it is through biological advantages, or just plain experience, a Native with this Edge can be as unrelenting a hunter as a Voidshark. True Hunters gain +2 to all Survival tests, and they may track their prey through incredibly vast distances, even at Sea or other seemingly impossible feats of tracking. Somehow, they are capable of tracking their quarry even though there are dozens of miles of nothing but Sea between themselves and their target. It is said that the very best can chase prey who are months and several hundred miles ahead of them! Only thing they need is something for the 'scent' – blood is the best source, but a True Hunter can use almost anything related to their prey, although some sources of 'scent' are better than others. True Hunters also gain +1 to all Fighting and Throwing rolls when targeting animals, including Sea Monsters that are not truly sentient/intelligent.



Ambassador of the Seas (Seasoned)

Prerequisites: Human, Persuasion d8 OR Charismatic

Some humans are just naturally good at making friends with all sorts of peoples of the Sea, and know how to make good impressions even with the horrific Murderjaw clan. They gain +2 to Persuasion tests with all non-Humans except Void creatures (they never want anything more than the annihilation of you and everyone you know), and may use a Benny when encountering a species with a completely unknown language to be still able to communicate with them in a somewhat understandable way. Additionally, any intelligent species finds the character to taste and/or smell unappetizing, and is unlikely to try to throw 'em in the pot.



Polyglot (Seasoned):

Prerequisites: Ambassador of the Seas, Smarts d8

Officer with this Edge may always test Smarts with -2 penalty when running into a strange new language, and on a success they know some of the language and can speak it poorly, and with a raise they can understand it mostly, and can communicate with it well enough, as long as it is possible for a human to communicate in the language (for example, humans lack the parts to communicate in the language of the Blue Mantids.



Revolutionary Guerrilla (Seasoned)

Prerequisites: Devil, Fighting d6, Stealth d6, Smarts d6

The Devil Revolution was one, long, hard and bloody affair, for the majority of it (except its bloody end) the Revolutionaries were outgunned severely by the powers of the Aristocrats. They had to learn every single dirty trick, which was rather easy for Devils if we are being fair. While the often times bizarre nature of Aristocrats means that most Devils have a hard time applying these skills on the Sea as the foes there are rarely like the powerful former Lords and Ladies of Bastion, some have adapted.

A Devil with this Edge is harder to detect by supernatural senses, giving -2 to any creature whose primary senses are more or less supernatural to detect the Devil – a skill or quality gotten through battling extremely supernatural Aristocratic Devils, and more specifically, avoiding their infernal senses. Aristocratic Devils always were a varied bunch, and usually finding out their weak spots was a difference between life and death to any Revolutionary Devil – as such, a Devil with this Edge may also use an Action in combat, (or a Notice test outside of combat) to identify a crucial weakspot on a supernatural creature gaining +d6 to damage rolls when targeting that weak spot.



Veteran Guerrilla (Veteran) Prerequisites: Devil, Revolutionary Guerrilla, Fighting d8, Stealth d8 The penalty for supernatural creatures to detect the Devil is increased to -4, and the bonuses for hitting and damaging the weakspot increase to d8.



Weird Edges

Voidsensitive (Seasoned)

Prerequisites: d8 Spirit, at least two encounters with Void creatures/cultists/powers

The Officer has had their fair share of encounters with Void-based threats, and has picked up a knack for identifying the influence of this immeasurably dangerous force even when it is not immediately obvious. The Officer gets +3 to any tests to detect the influence of the Void in a place, person or item, and the GM may occasionally warn an Officer that something Void related is subtly influencing matters in a scene or an encounter even if its presence is carefully hidden.


Favoured by the gods (Seasoned)

Prerequisites: Native, religious, d8 Spirit

Natives are truly close to the Gods of the Sea, and sometimes a particular Native might attract the positive attention of one of the gods, usually one of the gods they personally worship.* When this Edge is taken, the god that gives these favours must be specified.* A Native favoured by the gods may, once per session, do one of the following:

-Receive advice from the gods: Ask the GM a simple question that must be answered truthfully. The gods may be ambiguous at times, but they will not lie when this ability is used – in very rare instances, the gods will simply not know the answer, but if a god does not know the answer to a question, that usually means Void has something to do with it. Example questions: ”Has the Red Admiral been here?” ”Is this man innocent of this crime?

-Divine intervention: The Native may ask the god in question to intervene somehow in a situation – mechanically speaking, the god uses one Miracle Power somehow helpful in the scene. Of course, gods can sometimes misunderstand the affairs of mortals – but they'll always do something.

-Saved by the gods: If the Native has not used the other abilities in the session, the god may save them from certain death – or the Native may pray for their god to save an NPC instead, should they die. This ability may not be used to save another player character.



Bonecrafter (experience requirement vary)

Prerequisites for non-Natives: Repair d6, Healing d6 OR Knowledge (Medicine/Biology/Beasts/something similar) d6, Seasoned

Prerequisites for Natives: Smarts d8 or Relevant Knowledge d6, Novice

The Officer is an expert at fashioning the parts of various Beasts of the Sea into workable weapons and armor, and may use the corpses of slain beasts to fashion useful and practical weaponry. Natives create such equipment via Smarts or relevant Knowledge tests, non-Natives use Repair. If an Officer also has Weaponsmith edge, they gain +2 to creating equipment from Sea creatures. Do note that Weaponsmith does not give you the ability to create high quality weaponry from Sea creatures as this Edge does. For an example, with this Edge an Officer could create a poisonous large swordlike weapon from the bones and teeth of a poisonous Sea creature, while a Weaponsmith could only create a club or a dagger, depending on the size of the monster – definitely not a poisonous one!

Bonecrafter's can apply a part of the Sea Creature's unique features to their creations, which a mere Weaponsmith could not do (although they are capapble of creating firearms and similar more technological weapons)

. Example weapon: Jawcleaver An axelike weapon made from the jawbones of the Millionheaded Serpent, giving its wielder some of its horrifying speed

Dmg 1d6+1+Strength, +1 to Agility tests and Parry while wielding the axe

Example armor: Shellarmor of Yakush The Bonecrafters of 'Yakush' fashion the shells of local crustaceans to make protective armors and clothing, selling them to major civilizations of the Sea. Their most curious feature is how some of the darker forces of the Sea have trouble piercing these armors.

2 points of Armor in all locations (helmet may be removed), increased to 4 against Void-based attacks – Armorpiercing quality of Void attacks is ignored.



Advanced Bonecrafter (experience requirements vary)

Prerequisites: Bonecrafter, Veteran for non-Natives, Seasoned for Natives

Get +2 to tests to create weapons and armor from bodyparts of Sea Creatures.


Weird and Special Edges

Third Eye

Prerequisites: Buy from Vassssssssssssssssshim or UNKNOWN, Novice

A strange, serpentlike slightly glowing third eye grows from the forehead of the officer. It automatically gives a +1 to ALL trait tests related to sight (Notice, Shooting, etc.), and additionally the Officer may use a Benny to see the world and its beings as they truly are for a short time, seeing past enchanctments and other falsehoods. You probably should not be looking at the Sea when you do this. Or at anything of the Void. If the eye is uncovered in polite company, some people might not appreciate it.


Serpent's Tongue

Prerequisites: Buy from Vasssssssssssssssssshim or UNKNOWN, Novice

Someone's tongue is replaced by the tongue of a devilish serpent. The serpent's tongue gives a +2 to any rolls to deceive others, to convince them to do something that is harmful to them or to any bartering rolls, and additionally it gives its user an enchanced sense of taste. SPIDERS!!!!! Prerequisites: SPIDERS!!!!, Novice Effects: SPIDERS!!!!! HINDRANCES Cannot Lie (Major) An officer with this Hindrance cannot lie. He cannot say or write anything that they know to be untrue under any circumstances.

Edges and Hindrances

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