Example Characters

Below are a few example Officers of a few different varieties (there may be a few slight errors in there, but they are simple examples. Also not optimized at all):


Captain Benny Morris – honest man trying to lead a less-than-honest crew.

Agility d4 II Pace 6
Smarts d8 II Charisma 0
Spirit d8 II Parry 5
Strength d4 II Toughness 5
Vigor d6

Skills Fighting d6, Knowledge (Tactics) d8, Persuasion d8, Notice d6, Boating d4, Taunt d8
Edges: Noble, Command
Hindrances: Loyal, Bad Eyes
One Unique Thing: The One Good Man
Gear: Rapier, Captain’s Uniform, Captain’s Pistol, Etiquette Book, Naval Tactics Book, 500s


First Officer Jonathan ‘Black’ Willis – secretly worshipping strange Gods, and really should not be the first officer

Agility d6 II Pace 6
Smarts d6 II Charisma 0
Spirit d8 II Parry 2
Strength d6 II Toughness 5 (1)
Vigor d4

Skills: Faith d8, Throwing d8, Survival d6, Persuasion d6, Gambling d8
Edges: Arcane Background (Miracles), Hard to Kill
Hindrances: Wanted for Murder (Major)
Powers: STRENGTH FROM THE VOID (Boost/Lower Trait w/ Dark Trappings), DARK TRUTHS! (Fear w/ Dark Trappings)
One Unique Thing: Chosen by the Void
Gear: Plenty of throwing daggers, 2 shrapnel bombs, armored jacket, unholy items, 60s


Ship Mascot ‘Pretty Fishie’ (Masheen from the clan of Eelcatchers) – quite likely the smartest person onboard. Still stuck in a fish tank and ignored most of the time

Race: Native (Half-humanoid)

Agility d4 II Pace 3 (d4 running)
Smarts d10 II Charisma 0
Spirit d6 II Parry 5
Strength d6 II Toughness 6
Vigor d6 II Reach +1
(one die upgraded with from extra Hindrances)

Skills: swimming d10, Knowledge (the Sea) d8, Fighting d6, Healing d8, Notice d8
Edges: Luck
Hindrances: Poverty, Cautious, All Thumbs
One Unique Thing: First Native to have graduated from Oxford
Gear: Trident, waterproof clothing


Julian MacGregor, chief engineer – slightly crazy Scot, but he’s the only one who knows how the engine works. Especially after he made some modifications to it

Agility d4 II Pace 6
Smarts d10 II Charisma 0
Spirit d8 II Parry 4
Strength d4 II Toughness 4
Vigor d4

Skills:Weird Science d10, Repair d10, Notice d8, Fighting d4, Investigation d6, Boating d4
Edges: Arcane Backgroung (Weird Science), Jack-of-all-trades
Hindrances: Arrogant
Powers: Crystal Powered Wrench (Burst)
One Unique Thing: Knows the secrets of the crystals
Gear: Big Wrench (counts as maul), dirty overalls, various tools, plenty of scotch, 200s


Iver, Infernal Handyman – Diplomatic attachee from Bastion, and the only Officer who bothered to learn how to do the day-to-day operations of the ship well
Race: Revolutionary Devil

Agility d6 II Pace 6
Smarts d8 II Charisma 0
Spirit d8 II Parry 2
Strength d4 II Toughness 6 (1)
Vigor d6

Skills: Intimidation d8, Boating d8, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Persuasion d8, Swimming d6, Knowledge (Secrets) d4
Edges: Elan
Hindrances: Vengeance (Aristocratic Devils), Minor Vow (Hunt Down Aristocratic Devils), Quirk
One Unique Thing: Last of the original Infernal Guard

Gear: Brace of pistols, Armored Underjacket, Box of expensive cigars, Expensive clothes, 50s


Ship’s Cook – well suited for both human and Native characters (as the locals know better what fish can be eaten safely and what can’t than humans do)
Scholar – the Sea has many secrets, and the Empire often gives academics grants to study it. The Devils also have their own equivalents
Native Consultant – some Natives do hold position as experts on the Sea on some ships, even if the crew might find it demeaning that a strange fishperson holds a position of authority.
Gunnery Officer – it is useful if there is someone who knows how to make the most out of the ship’s armaments.
Sorcerer – some Devils offer their supernatural abilities for service. Sometimes the captain allows this
Priest – considering the unholy nature of the Sea, some sailors do take comfort in a good, honest Protestant Priest who ensures them that even though it sometimes might not look like it, God protects even here, in the dark. And some (silently) take relief in a Native Shaman trying to ensure the good graces of the strange and terrifying Gods of the Sea
Ship Surgeon – having a surgeon on board is extremely helpful, considering the dangerous nature of the Sea. Some might be wary of the strange practices of Devil Surgeons, or sometimes supernatural nature of the Native Healers methods, but they are just as welcome as British Surgeons when it is a question of life and death.

Example Characters

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