The Crew

The notable crewmembers of HMS Lightbringer, both officers and specialists.


First Mate Old Scratch (Nikula)

Ship’s Cook Konrad Spooner (Hyv√∂nen)

Spotter Caden McCreed (Ahtiainen)

Ship’s Surgeon Nikolai Koltsov (Sampsa)

Ship’s Captain: Douglas Wellington

Gunnery Officer, Anton Pinkerton


Barnabas, Somewhat Irate Frog – the ship’s mascot, “hired” by Old Scratch.

Shadow, Horned Spy – official Bastion ‘observer’, replacement for the madman Posar

Maria Hookstraten, Obvious Spy – official Empire ‘observer’

Guinevere, Curiously Named Shaman – a Native shaman of some prowess

Satanina, Infernal Weaponsmith – a mistress of guns

Cruel-Harry – he has no distinctive qualities

Draexhal, Devil Sorceress – Kazharnick’s henchwoman sent to serve onboard HMS Lightbringer


The Man from Iron Kingdom, The Grey Viking, The Inhuman Woman and The Automaton


Bastionknives for every crewmember

The Crew

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