The People Who Matter


Princess-Admiral Mary, Queen’s Daughter?

Queen Victoria has not been seen in public for more than a decade by now, and most of her children were not on the British Isles when they were Stolen, so the royalty is mostly out of public eye. Except for Mary, a woman who was introduced by the Queen during her last public appearance as her daughter. She quickly took control of the Navy, forced the Parliament to pass legislation allowing women to join up the Navy, citing the need for more recruits after the disastrous losses suffered by the Navy since coming to the Sea of Shadows. In only a year, Princess Mary had forced the Empire to give equal rights to all, regardless of gender – she convinced the ruling classes that in these dark waters, Britain would have to adapt, or die. Mary claims to speak to the Queen regularly, and officially the Queen is still the head of state. But practically, Princess-Admiral Mary, the strange woman who came out of nowhere, leads the Stolen Empire.


Old Goat, First Amongst Equals

The Old Goat has no sorcerous powers. No physical prowess. Poor understanding of technology. Before the Devil Revolution, nobody ever paid any attention to Old Goat. And yet, he is the one who organized the Revolution, the one who managed to take away the powers of the Lords and Ladies of Bastion, the one who brokered the alliance between Bastion and the Stolen Isles, and so many other things that he accomplished through his tremendous mind. He is First Amongst Equals, the leader of the Devil Revolution.

Apparantely he had approved the HMS Lightbringer-project because of his desire to get safe ships for Bastion, and was somewhat irritated by Old Jack O’Scratch managing to get the ship made out of Bastion’s black metal.


Patriarch Sha’chack

The first Native leader to join up with the Empire, an enigmatic old Native whose original tribe – and perhaps entire species – is long gone. Believed to be several hundred years old, Sha’chack leads a large coalition of Native tribes, and is respected by most Natives who have become the Stolen Empire’s subjects. Sha’chack’s motives are unknown, but it is a popular rumor amongst Natives that Sha’chack is able to communicate with the Kraken Mother herself, and led his people to the Empire based on the god’s advice. Whatever the truth may be, Sha’chack is popular amongst his people, and is constantly pushing for Natives to get education and rights within the Empire, despite several assassination attempts by parties unknown.

Currently worried about a group of Void cultists attempting to get to the Hawke mansion apparantely.


The Red Fleet

A powerful and dangerous force at the Sea. What their goals are is a total mystery, but where ever they go, Fire follows.


Lord James Hawke


The People Who Matter

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