The Ship

Päivitetty 28.5.

Name HMS Lightbringer

One Unique Thing: The first ship built in cooperation between Bastion and Stolen Empire

Crew: 16 sailors, 2 Native ‘sailors’, 5 specialists + Officers. (min crew 10+officers, max crew 30+officers)

Toughness: 23 (4)
Acceleration/Top Speed 4/13
Cargo die d8
Handling -1
2x Cheap Cannon
1x Heavy Cannon (Haunted)
1x Searchlight

Passenger Quarters
Chassis Upgrade (Bastion-made hull, attracts Very Bad Stuff)
Weird Science (Engine)

Current Passengers:
Lady Ashmore and Mungo: a noblewoman who fears the Devils, accompanied by the mute Scotsman Mungo. Heading for the Nameless Isle, and doesn’t want anyone asking any questions about, well, anything regarding her. Clearly hiding something, but she is paying well. Mungo is currently severely injured, and a Native Healer has been paid for by Ashmore to care for Mungo.

Current Cargo:
Sataniina’s Stupid Lizard: The Infernal Gunsmith owns a big riding lizard, and it mostly takes space and requires stupid amounts of food.

The Ship

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