The Ship

Päivitetty 30.11.

Name HMS Lightbringer

One Unique Thing: The first ship built in cooperation between Bastion and Stolen Empire

Crew: 24 regular sailors, 2 Native ‘sailors’, 4 Elite Sailors, 5 specialists + Officers. Min crew 10+officers and specialists, max crew 30+officers and specialists. Max specialists 6 (max crew divided by five)
Total Crew: 30+Officers&Specialists

Toughness: 26 (7)
Acceleration/Top Speed 4/13
Cargo die d10
Handling +0
2x Average Cannons (cursed?)
1x Heavy Cannon (Haunted)
1x Searchlight
1x empty space

NOTE: Currently ship is damaged, and the engine is having issues. Until the damage is repaired at a decently sized port, the engine’s top speed is halved

Passenger Quarters
Chassis Upgrade (Bastion-made hull, attracts Very Bad Stuff)
Weird Science (Engine)
Godscales (+3 Armor, Offers some protection from Void)
NEW 3x Good Quality Fishtank
NEW Secure Vault

‘Pets’ and other oddities:

Dog Used to house twelve shaman spirits, but now it is just a dog. (Does not take a passenger slot)

The Eel (Does not take a passenger slot) Its just mostly chilling

Large, hiveminded sentient pile of snakes Satanina bought/hired it from the Serpent Merchant. Does not take passenger/crew slots.

Current Passengers 14 / 10 15:

Strange sorceress who is the apprentice of Baba Yaga. Is a passenger until what was stolen from Baba Yaga by the Red Fleet is retrieved.

7x Rich nobles/upper class people who want to get to the Colony of Lost Hope

The Observers
Lieutenant Maria Black, Devil Known As Shadow. Will help around the ship in tight spots when everyone (including them) is in danger, but most of the time they merely observe.

Mog’Mog the Cunning : a very rich frog, wants to see the Island of Storms in person.

Malgosia the pilgrim, and his bodyguard Morgana

wish to see the Redeemed One, who apparantely resides at Siren’s Haven. Morgana is a legless Native, and is occupying the Passenger Quarters’ water tank, except whenever she thinks Malgosia is at risk.

Trevor Smithson, Journalist
a journalist accompanying HMS Lightbringer on one of their journeys, making a special report on what goes on at Sea. Should he die during the journey, the publisher must be paid a 500 shard penalty, but if he gets safely back to London after a long trip, the payday could be quite high.

Current Cargo:

Sataniina’s Stupid Lizard: The Infernal Gunsmith owns a big riding lizard, and it mostly takes space and requires stupid amounts of food.

Munitions for the colony of Lost Hope
Extra Ale Rations
NEW!!!Phat loot x2

The Ship

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