Known Locations


The Stolen Isles

The remains of the British Empire (now commonly known as “The Stolen Empire”), lost in darkness. London remains the capital of the nation, but much has changed – all coastal cities have grown, and more and more inner cities have been deserted. The sea calls to us all. There are also rumors that some areas inland are no longer safe. Few dare to go check.

The Shard Isles

The odd collection of islands that replaced Ireland. The Stolen Empire is currently in the process of stealing everything of worth from them. The disappearance rate among workers is approximately 13.7 %.

Gate to Bastion

The Infernal gateway to the realm of the revolutionary devils, England built a small trading outpost near it. No sane man wants to man the outpost, but luckily there is no shortage of madmen and -women.

The Redstone Colony

Stolen Empire’s only colony in the North.

The Forgotten City – or Atlantis as it used to be called

The lost city of Atlantis, now a silent city of ancient mysteries. Mostly abandoned, albeit the Empire has built a small research station in its ruins. There is also a small population of some sort of semi-aquatic people living in the ruins. They are not apparantely the Atlantians of old. The Empire would very much like to know what happened to the Atlantians. The locals were promptly “civilized” by the Empire in accordance with the ‘White Man’s Burden’ (usually referred to as ‘the Human’s Burden’ or ’Man’s Burden’ nowadays).

Her Majesty’s Safe Haven for the Lost

An island archipelago south of the Isles, where several tribes of Natives live, now under colonial rule. The Empire built an Abbey and a small town on the largest islands, from where the Stolen Empire rules its subjects. The Ash isles are located some thirty miles south of them.

The Ash Isles (former Vashiin Isles)

The site of one of the first major victories of the Empire on the Sea, as well as the site of one of its greatest losses. HMS Hotspur, a warship retrofitted with the greatest weaponry the Empire had at that point, fought and defeated a massive sea monster guarding the islands, before promptly disappearing. Hotspur’s final fate stays a mystery to this day, but everyone knows why the Ash Isles have their name – captain Hawkmoor, the man sent to investigate the disappearance, burnt down everything that stood on those islands.

Temple of the Kraken

The massive and ancient structure built by Natives through thousands of years, one of the main centers of worship for countless Native tribes. Although named after the Kraken Mother, possibly the most influential of the Gods of the Sea, many of the other Gods are worshipped here as well.

Natives do not react well to anyone blaspheming against the Gods here.

The Forbidden Island

Hawke’s mansion lies there.

The Serpent’s Realm

The strange domain of the God of the Hunt, inhabitated by the unlucky and unworthy sailors who have gotten themselves stuck there. The Great Maelstrom next to the Temple of the Kraken is the most well-known entrance to this place, but not the only – the Siren has some sort of special way into and out of the place, albeit no other is allowed to use it.

The Isle of Storms

The last Aristocratic Devil that has retained its original, vast powers resides there, hidden from the world.

Nameless Isle

Inhabitated mostly by the Masked Ones, the island is strange and foreboding. The Nameless Restaurant dominating the skyline on the island holds many secrets and wonders, especially for those worthy enough to become its Patrons.

The Isle of the Witch

A huge, cold and rocky island, its most notable known inhabitant being a Russian Witch. Other inhabitants include an enigmatic race of inhuman mantislike beings, who seem to be more advanced than one would expect.

Known Locations

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