Quest Log

Red Admiral Quests

Baba Yaga’s Stolen Property – ‘Wind’, Baba Yaga’s apprentice wants to retrieve something Baba Yaga needs from one of the Red Fleet’s bases in the North
Reward: Wind as a Specialist, possibly other rewards

Red Admiral – The Red Admiral and his fleet do not seem like they are very good people. Someone should probably do something about them.
Reward: ???

Of Fire And Devils – Some Devil is plotting with the Red Admiral. Who and why?
UPDATE: Probably Kazharnick. The “why” question still remains.
Reward: ???

Installation 8B – One of Red Fleet’s installations, Princess-Admiral Mary tasked the Officers with infiltrating the place and finding out more about the Red Admiral’s plans
Reward: Support from the Crown, access to more information about the Red Admiral and his fleet

From the Nameless Isles

Mad Cook’s Apprentice – The Mad Cook wants an apprentice. Someone who can cook, metaphysical cook and occasionally go outside. Has to be willing.
Reward: ???

The Constructed Heart – Rogue Automata wants his heart back from Lord Hawke’s manor.
UPDATE: Hawke’s Manor got looted by pirates. They presumably have the thing now.
UPDATE2: A deal was struck. The merchant Vassssssshiim holds the Steelheart until the crew of HMS Lightbringer has either slain the vampiric captain of Bloodbringer, or delivered her alive to the Shark Poet. She is apparantely somewhere in the northeast, occasionally visiting Installation 8B.
Reward: Knowledge. Or the command word of his sibling.

Ice Pirate’s Heart – The Gray Lord desires the heart of his nemesis, the Ice Pirate.
Reward: Some cards from his deck.

Jarl’s Apology – The Drunk Jarl wants us to meet the Traveler and deliver his apologies.
UPDATE: The apology was delivered.
Reward: He’s rich.

The Beast’s Request – The Sea Monster wants us to check on a tribe he once protected and get the heart of the man who ruined them.
Reward: His kin will raise a sunken ship for us.

From the Serpent’s Realm

Arcane Delivery – The Siren gave us a puppy to be delivered to the Slavic Witch.
UPDATE: The Dog was delivered. Now all that remains is fetching rest of the reward.
Reward: Our new sailors. Also something extra once we get the job done.

Sunken Treasure – The Witless Painter wants to return to civilization.
update: he has been delivered back to London. Presumably some mark on the map is the treasure ship
Reward: He gave us the location of a treasure ship.

From Kraken’s Temple

From London

Devil’s Due – The Queen’s Lunch Co. has told the Officers of HMS Lightbringer that they will pay them 10 000 shards should they give Spooner to them. Failing that, they will also offer this sum to anyone who is ready to listen, and will keep informing the enemies of HMS Lightbringer of where they are in the hopes that Spooner gets killed. This may become a long term problem
Rewards: ??? or 10k shards should Spooner be given up

From H.M.S. Mortgard

The Ship Lost in Darkness – The ship’s logbook mentioned the captain of a legendary lost warship
UPDATE: The ghosts haunting the main cannon of HMS Lightbringer apparantely used to be sailors on board HMS Hotspur, until “something took their place in the world”. Whatever they meant, apparantely the ones who stole the lives of sailors landed at Blue Mountain.
Reward: ????


Devil of Storms (Jack) – Yabalcloath hides in the Storm Archipelago.
UPDATE: Kazharnick knows.
UPDATE2: Yabalchoath is in cahoots with Surtr, the jotunn lord of fire giants. She has also taken the power of Hel for herself, and is keeping the death goddess captive.
Reward: Justice.
Bonus reward: Vegtam would give a sizable reward for the retrieval of one of the last survivors of his divine family.

The Mountain – It is Spooner’s mountain.
UPDATE: Spooner is on the mountain. Maybe.
Reward: ???

What’s in the Box? – McCreed has to open the box.
Reward: The contents of the box!

12 Spirits – McCreed’s body’s other inhabitants
Reward: not going insane

The Missing Professor – Nikolai’s old professor had his painting in the Nameless Restaurant, signifying that he was a client there for some time.
UPDATE: It seems he was looking into a ‘House on the Hill’.
Reward: ???


Pilgrim’s Way – We got them to their destination.

Blessings of the Storm Serpent – We were deemed adequate.

Lady of Ash – We gave her peace.

You’re Killing Our Profits – The Beast of East London was caught. Jack the Ripper remains at large.

The Traitor’s Manor – Someone got there first.

Quest Log

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