Wrath of the Gods

The Gods of the Sea are enigmatic. They are alien. They are powerful. They are real.
The British and the Devils of Bastion sometimes refuse to accept this, which is why they often end up insulting the Gods in some way while at the Sea, and get hit by an appropriate punishment. Officially, the Stolen Empire’s stance is a vague dismissal, unofficially, the Princess-Admiral is rumored to keep up a list of major incidents in her office that she shows to higher ups in the Navy whenever they refuse to admit the need for caution.

Significant events where the Gods of the Sea were involved

June 20th, 1883
After the Massacre of Hezekiel Bay, the entire 2nd Royal Fleet was wiped out. Continuous assaults on British ships by massive sea monsters continued until Admiral Cavendish was executed for ordering the Massacre, after which they immediately stopped.

Every single Admiral that gets caught doing something like the Massacre will be executed. You may think we are the masters of the sea, but this Sea is different.

December 10th, 1888

Captain Marrow visited the Temple of the Kraken, and I have been told, somehow disrespected their purification ritual, according to the man’s own words (which might not be reliable). Two months later, captain Marrow is now a fish. I do not know the species, anyone is welcome to go the Royal Aquarium and examine exhibit 4D and give their own guess.

I strongly advise against blaspheming in the holy sites of the Native inhabitants of this Sea.

February 1st, 1896

The colony of New Whitechapel disappeared. The entire island is just gone. While there is no clear indication as to just what happened, one can make an educated guess. There is a house on the hill. After talks with Sha’chack, I find it likely that they attracted the attention of the worst of the Gods, the one he refers to as “That Which Shall Not Be Named”.

Stay vigilant. Worshipping of the Void is punishable by death, as it may bring doom to us all.

Wrath of the Gods

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